A’DP “Get Thru” (Ft GoodTymz)

New Original Single “Get Thru (This One)” [AMPliFly’D Productions]
This track is dedicated out to everybody in the pursuit of happiness, goals & dreams. Everything is possible if you align & set your mind,body, heart & soul towards ANY goal you are pursuing.
Inspired by Old School G-Funk Hip Hop.
An effort to bring back what REAL Hip Hop Culture is all about!
Spread the love, wisdom, knowledge & increase in awareness of what TRULY matters in this UNIVERSE as a whole.
Understand the culture, Love the culture, Live the culture, Share the culture.
Stay Positive, Be Happy, Stay Tuned.
Free to Download @ https://soundcloud.com/ampliflyd-productions/adp-get-thru-ft-goodtymz
Visit, Like, Support & Follow me @ https://www.facebook.com/AMPliFLYdBEATz
Twitter via @AMPliFlyDave
I Greatly Appreciate EVERY single support & in ANY way that I receive, Thank you!


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