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AMPliFly'D Productions Independent Record Label [A]mbition [M]otivation [P]erseverance Music Publisher / Producer / Sound Engineer / Mix & Master Engineer / Lyricist All Original Hip Hop Music My goal as an independent record label is to provide people with real music from the heart and contribute to the greater good of society with my productions. Please support my music and my values, which are Ambition, Motivation & Perseverance aka AMPliFly'D.

A’DP “Get Thru” (Ft GoodTymz)


New Original Single “Get Thru (This One)” [AMPliFly’D Productions]
This track is dedicated out to everybody in the pursuit of happiness, goals & dreams. Everything is possible if you align & set your mind,body, heart & soul towards ANY goal you are pursuing.
Inspired by Old School G-Funk Hip Hop.
An effort to bring back what REAL Hip Hop Culture is all about!
Spread the love, wisdom, knowledge & increase in awareness of what TRULY matters in this UNIVERSE as a whole.
Understand the culture, Love the culture, Live the culture, Share the culture.
Stay Positive, Be Happy, Stay Tuned.
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A’DP “Smile” (Remix)


A Tribute to Tupac Amaru Shakur
A Cover & Remix of Tupac & Scarface “Smile”
My intentions for this remix/cover is to spread love & awareness to all who listens.
And also to carry on the message & knowledge that Tupac once intended on.
Legends Never Die.
Enjoy, Like & Share! Thank you for listening.
And Remember..
“You Gotta Be Able To Smile Through All The Bullshit”
-Tupac Shakur


2Pac Smile
*** A’DP – Smile (Remix) ***

A’DP – Smile (Remix)
Remix/Cover of Scarface & Tupac “Smile”

Also… Get READY for the upcoming Single release!
“This One” Ft. GoodTymz
(Release Date: TBA)

Stay Tuned 🙂

Just remember..
“You gotta be able to Smile through all the Bullshit”

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